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Clevios™ Touch the Future
Clevios™ for Polymer Capacitors
Highly Conductive Clevios™
OLED Displays and Lighting
OLED Displays and Lighting
Processing of Clevios™
Clevios™ for Organic Solar Cells


Conductive, Transparent and Flexible Polymers
Innovative materials allowing new advances in electronics.
The demands made on electronic components are constantly increasing. The trend towards miniaturization and at the same time, improved performance calls for new innovative materials of the highest reliability. Hereaus conductive polymers offers a range of monomers, oxidizers, Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS polymer dispersions and
ready-to-use formulations to the electronics industry.
Key applications for advanced easy-to-use Clevios™ conductive materials include:
Clevios™ materials are marketed by the Business Line Display and Semiconductor.
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